Cape Town crisis: 4 million people will run out of water

Cape Town crisis: 4 million people will run out of water

The reservoirs are almost empty and the government is preparing to turn the water off in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Grand Wonder

    Yep! This proves Trump and the Republicans are 100% correct! — Global Warming is a hoax! There is no such thing! That once in 1000 years flooding in Houston was simply an act of God that happens all the time every 1000 years! And so what if the flooding in Houston is more frequent than it has ever been recorded in history?! Didn't you notice Houston also has the worst numbers of drought the last 150 years? It's simply Mother Nature's way of giving you a bunch of rains and then a bunch of droughts, that's all! It's all evens out!

    Some would say places like California are also facing the worst droughts and wild fires they have ever faced in their entire histories! Well, it is also simply Mother Nature's natural cycles! You see, the Earth is always changing and these changes happen all the time since before humans even existed!

    Right now, it is simply the natural cycle for Mother Nature to be dry and fiery in California while it is overly wet in other places, that's all! For instance, like Trump said how can there be Global Warming when it was cold as hell in Washington DC last month! Trump even said it must be Global Cooling since when he got out of the White House the temp was only 15 degree Fahrenheit!

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