Here is what is in the controversial Nunes memo

Here is what is in the controversial Nunes memo

The Nunes memo, accusing the FBI and Justice Department of abusing surveillance authority to monitor the Trump campaign, has gone public.


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  1. Jim C

    No surprises. Obama is a Chicago politician and this is the norm there. FISA judges should be having people arrested. They should release all 100 pages that it's based on.. The Democrat party is full of criminals guilty of treason. They should be hung.

  2. Raven Stark

    Scramble, scramble, scramble! They will try any distraction. There must be one hell of a lot to this Russia thing for them to go so HAM on the FBI. If it was not happening in my country, it would be so funny. Trump is so scared it must be way worse than I even anticipated!

  3. Lee Stu

    Nice way to get everyone to work together by dissing them? Let's name call democrats than say GEE they won't help., Let's go after the News and say Fake so who do we believe 
    lets' say I love the intelligence community than undercut it , Not a way a "DEALMAKER "makes deals

  4. Lee Stu

    I read it and the part I don't understand is nowhere is it mentioned the KOCH brothers started this by funding anti Trump ? and Hiring Fusion in the first Place 
    and If the FBI got info about a SPY in a Cam""paign well shouldn't they invest igate it ?

  5. di77me

    Ever wonder what a fireman would look like if you set a city ablaze,,, well. just watch the MSM for the next month as try to damage control the implications. Challenge to anyone who has a problem with this memo. :
    read it, and tell me which parts are factually incorrect. This should have been the real #timesup movement.

  6. Robert Dye

    So, complaining about the Steele Dossier that was commissioned by a Republican? And a FISA warrant that was in place before the Donald announced his candidacy? Talk about a stretch. Hmmm. Mueller must be getting real close to the boatload of the Donald's money from Russia.

  7. Flouride Sipper

    Democrats are done. Mueller's probe has lead to nothing, and that's what we'll find at the end of that lefty pipedream. McCabe and associates will face criminal charges, possibly high treason, the 1 charge democrats have been praying Trump would get. They tried to subvert the government using foreign intelligence.

  8. hesh 74

    I voted for Obama and even I can see this is worse than Watergate. I don't see why so many Democrat voters can't admit it. If you're a Bernie voter, you should be looking at this critically because the DNC cheated Bernie first. You were CHEATED out of your RIGHT to democratically elect a leader. And then the DNC, DOJ, FBI, WH, and media all ganged up on Trump to make sure the Repubs didn't get a fair election either. Too bad they picked a New Yorker to mess with.
    I'm glad Trump won. This needed to be exposed and Hillary obviously wouldn't expose the cheating that got her into office.

  9. Adam Hart

    We already knew Clinton camp and DNC paid for the Steel Dossier. The big part of this memo the fact that the people named in this report KNEW it was paid oppo research. They KNEW Steele was an unreliable source and had already dumped him as a source on anything else. They KNEW Steele had a deep personal bias. They did not provide new probable cause for the renewals of the FISA warrants 4 different times, just the Dossier. They knew Steele was going around leaking it to the media, in which only buzzfeed deemed it worthy of print. They had already cleared Popadapolous of ties with Russia independently a few years ago. Comeys testimony was that the FBI had regarded the dossier as "Salacious and unverifiable" yet this was the only evidence provided to the FISA court 4 separate times. McAbes testimony was that "NO FISA warrant would be sought after if it were not for the dossier" Put all this in the context of a political election, and the Sztrok and Page text messages and you have one hell of a bad investigation.

  10. Derek Mcclenahan

    What this proves is that our government, Democrat and Republican parties, are pure garbage. We are all nothing but pawns to them, while they play their power games with each other. To those of you who think you're so informed by this fabricated memo, get real, this is just another ploy to sway opinions in one way or another and it won't be the last. Stop being sheep already.

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