Papa John’s CEO stepping down after criticizing the NFL

Papa John’s CEO stepping down after criticizing the NFL

John Schnatter is leaving as CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. No reason was given for Schnatter’s decision, but he recently faced criticism for blaming protesting NFL players for slumping pizza sales.


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  1. itheuser

    Business 101. If you're the face of the company don't inject yourself into politics. He would have to be fairly egotistical to think that this wouldn't come back to bite him. When business owners try to be politicians, hilarity usually ensues. Stay in your lane, son..

  2. Dragon Knight 4.5

    I find it so funny that he stepping down but then again we are dealing with the NFL bunch of low-life dogs who beat up on their women's hurt animals take substance abuse DUI just pretty much anything that they can do when they hear the truth they want to be crybabies they want to run to the Democrats liberals and be like help us you know we're we're doing the right thing by kneeling when in reality they're just a bunch of Hoodrat ass dogs who got out of the ghetto because someone saw talent in the mind you the white person salt talent in them so before these NFL lowlifes thugs trash worthless piece of s*** say anything about this country being racist as a young black man 25 to be exact who has his own place since he was 19 and has two jobs I get so sick and tired of hearing the black community not all of them just the liberal ones that want to say that white people are racist I have great and Friends of different color who have been there for me since the day one and to the black lives matter group or anybody who supports black lives matter groups grow up get up and get a job

  3. D A E

    Boycott here and happy to be one. I stopped watching NFL before the kneeling. I smelled something rotten before it started. Our soldiers are losing their lives and limbs and disrespecting the Anthem is more than enough to boycott the NFL. My uncle fought against the Nazis and the Japanese. He came home with shrapnel so close to his spine that back in the 1940’s was impossible to take out. He also had “ shell shock” aka “PTSD.” A simple knock at the door would send him flying to the floor. Keep your overpaid players. I’m finding another hobby.

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